Axis Antara

Project Description

Located in close proximity to one of the many IT corridors in the city, the land parcel of 1.3 acres impelled an integrative housing comprising of 120 units divided further into 4 typologies & distributed midst 4 levels, a housing that would be cost-effective to build and maintain was the prime impetus for the project. The key intent of the design was to provide privacy for all the units and yet foster an inter-dependent relationship and harmony. The structure evolved to create a spatial composition which is visually dynamic wrapping around the site boundary forming a central court. All the units around the double-loaded corridor have been configured such that they are offset from each other and no units open directly in front of each other to ensure privacy, at the same time providing ample of light and cross ventilation.


Project Details

  • Project: Axis Antara
  • Built-up area: 99,400 Sqft
  • Year: 2017
  • Place: Bengaluru