Komorebi House

Project Description

KOMOREBI (Japanese) (n.) : sunlight shining through the trees
A combination of four Japanese characters, it eloquently captures the essence of a phenomenon which cannot easily be expressed in English.

The design brief required us to develop a villa for a family of six, on a plot area of 5000 sqft in a prime locality in Bengaluru.

The idea was to take the brief further and analyse the contextual relevance of the site, which had a series of existing trees in front of the property. The formal areas facing the road, needed to be layered to as to cut the noise levels and to add an element of privacy.

The existing tree forms were abstracted to develop aesthetic physical security systems where the light quality within the building would be maintained by drawing the sunshine through the branch-like patterns created on the facade. The ‘organic’ abstraction extends inwords and also pushes the idea of a self sustained living through the ‘Kilometer Zero’ Concept. A concept where the resources necessary to run the building are generated within the range of Zero Kilometers.

Awards: IIA Young Architects Awards 2015


Project Details

Project: Komorebi House
Built-up area: 10,000 Sqft
Year: 2014
Place: Bengaluru