King’s House

Project Description

The project houses 7 Sky residences with areas ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 sqft individually, each of which is intricately crafted to suit the client’s lifestyles who live in the Middle East and are Indians by origin. The design expressed is the first designed apartment of the King’s house with an area of 10,000 sqft that re-interprets new levels of luxury in living. The spaces are conceptualized as a harmonious blend between the Indian and Middle Eastern styles in a contemporary approach. The design strongly incorporates the Mashrabiya or Shanasheel (architectural elements resembling the Indian Jaalis) which hold together the entire design language. Each residence is designed in (spatial) layers based on space usage in terms of privacy each of which opens up gradually as one moves ahead. Also, an integrated design approach was followed to evaluate and maximize the energy reductions of the building through climatic data analysis.


Rethinking the Future Awards, 2014

Rethinking the Future Sustainability Awards, 2014

Architecture Podium, International Architecture Awards, 2015

Artists In Concrete Awards Asia Fest, 2015-16


100+Landscape Design, ThinkArchit publications, China

Archipendium Calendar, 2016, archimap publishers, Germany

Project Details

  • Project: King’s House
  • 100,000 sqft
  • Year: 2015
  • Place: Bengaluru