The Horizon

Project Description

The master planning and the individual villa designs of the Horizon villa development is one which is designed with complete respect to the topography of the site. The design aims at utilizing the topography as a design tool to minimize the impact on the site ecology and adopting sustainable ways of construction and services. The setting of the location is so overwhelmingly close to nature, the entire villa scheme had to have very little architectural intervention to do justice to the site. The design character of all the villa’s are thus kept minimal, allowing the existing landscape to merge entirely.

The villa’s are treated as introvert sculptural entities, unfurling towards the Sea and the private courts within. The villa designs here deals with planning the important functional spaces first. The support facilities viz. dining, bar areas etc work as semi open, but enclosed spaces created out of the other rooms. When not in use, these areas become common multifunctional spaces. The design would thus work as a powerful dichotomy between intimacy and exposure.

Project Details

  • Project: The Horizon
  • Built-up area: 13 Acres
  • Year: 2012
  • Place: Goa