Architecture Studio

Project Description

The 1200 sqft office space design is a response to the learning of space requirements and work culture developed over the past years. The office located in the heart of Bangalore city is an insert within a residential property constructed in the 80’s using exposed stone masonry and also includes a small green pocket at the entrance.

The overall feel of the design responds to the exposed stone walls, creating a rustic, natural yet modern ambience with a bright pop of colour as a playful element. The strong burst of colour articulated in a natural, rugged dialogue creates the setting for a dramatic work and interactive environment. The design aimed at creating multifunctional spaces that would provide for a variety of activity typologies depending on the need of the moment.  At the entrance, one is greeted by a visual expanse of the entire studio at once. The studio’s belief of a laterally functioning over a vertically functioning one lead to an open spatial plan devoid of any closed cabin spaces.

A bright and playful living space is the first area experienced by an incoming visitor. This functions as a secondary meeting space when the conference room is occupied. Further ahead one finds a foldable “Wall of achievement”. This partition wall not only plays the role of a display but also of an element providing privacy to the conference room. Furthermore, this moving partition can be folded open to spatially connect the living and conference spaces to transform them into an area for larger meetings or casual activities when needed.The entire office has the ability to completely transform into a space that can house anything from a serious working atmosphere to a full-fledged office party space.

Project Details

  • Project: The Purple Ink Studio
  • Built-up area: 1200 Sqft
  • Year: 2017
  • Place: Bangalore