Gallery G

Gallery G

Design intent


The landscape insert is a window-view from an art gallery called Gallery G that initially looked out into a bare 5 meter high wall. The art gallery located in the heart of Bangalore city, India which is also the foundation office for thelegendary Indian artist of the eighteenth century who is considered as a protagonist of Modern Indian Art, Raja Ravi Verma. The Raja Ravi Verma Heritage Foundation thus demanded a view that would form a subtle backdrop to the interesting art display happening inside the gallery, yet have an identity of its own belonging to the current realm of time.


The huge wall became a wide canvas for experimenting with the surface by taking influences from the artist’s reaction to the Western influences leading to a revival in primitivism. The vastness of the canvas was taken as an added advantage to design the surface with use of subtle hues and local materials and presenting them in a modern scenario.


The wall is designed with the use of only two prominent materials – Concrete and greens. The surface was divided into panels for creating patterns with the use of locally available bamboo mats called ‘chape’. These mats were customized by local bamboo vendors to achieve the desired pattern combinations for alternating horizontal and verticals, keeping the organic structure of the bamboo intact.


Creating the effect of the traditional material on the concrete signifies a strong connect between the modern and heritage art works that are encouraged and displayed at the Gallery G and The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation. The bamboo patterned surface is further induced with a Living-wall as a second element with nearly 1000 numbers of plants that form a dense green cover adding a soft yet vibrant layer to the overall visual experience. The use of green as part of design focuses on eternity and continual appreciation of the profound work of art by the legendary artist.


The design is taken a step ahead by adding another dimension to the surface beingmotion and sound. The wall sees the introduction of water spouts made with local bamboo interspersed within the green wall which drops into the water pondhosting varieties of water plants. The pond is also linedwith a planter at the foreground fill with abundance of green cover giving it a well balanced base. The front of the planter is cladded with hand-painted tiles adding a splash of colour and series of geometric patternsto the overall spatial experience.


The subtle backdrop to the vibrant gallery space can also double up as outdoor display area on the wall that are lit by downward focus light for exhibiting works of budding or experienced artists alike. The space accommodates works of mixed media as well with the planter floor becoming a stage for the display of 3 dimensional art works.