Manipal School of Architecture and Planning

Manipal School of Architecture and Planning

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) has carved a niche in the educational system with their liberal ideologies & strong vision over decades. A new campus for the architecture college which already held strong roots in the existing system with an avant-garde vision offered us a mould to present a design philosophy which is innovative yet sensitive. 

The entire vision is grounded in the regional & topographical context with the proportioned harmony of forms bounded around nature, encouraging a dialogue between the two. As the varied spaces walk hand in hand, it gives the flexibility for the end users to explore a brand-new experience every day. Interwoven and fluid spaces encourage an exchange of ideas & opportunities to interact, learn & relearn. 

The design philology is centered on ways to discover, to experiment, to move forward: to think the unthinkable and create the unimaginable, but is also evolved with keeping in mind the ever-growing technology. Drawing inspiration from nature it being the master of design, ideologies of Bio mimicry & Sustainability are some of the core values tuning the design parameters. 

In conclusion, we present a vision which correctly termed by Le Corbusier is an “infinite cosmos of nature”.

Learning from interactions

The design attempts to create multiple modes of learning and engaging for the students. This could greatly impact the overall development of an individual.

Responding to local context

Inspirations are sought locally to make the sense of belonging more prominent. Building materials and cultural nuances are kept in mind at all times and have undergone many interpretations.

Climate sensitive design

The design evolves as a response to climate, using it as an aid to create comfortable spaces of use.