The symbolism

The metamorphosis of the studio as we grew perfecting each frame reinventing each phase made us stronger and more determined towards our vision. It was a deliberate call to keep the name open ended, for we felt our works should speak itself. This unconventional approach gave us more freedom and moments of inspiration.

We breathe music! We look at art in all its forms for inspiration, during one such journey we came across a story which resonated with our belief system. In November of 1971, Led Zeppelin’s fourth studio album released. The band members decided to keep the album free of their identity and released it with just symbols which each band member selected. The band members stripped everything away and let the music do the talking. The album was best-selling album of all times. The music industry gained an iconic staple of classic rock. some of the most significant soundtrack in the album was “Stairway to Heaven”, “Black Dog”, “When the levee breaks”.

Our non-linear thought processes and unwavering determination came together to form a symbol that would embody the very essence of our ethos. Rendered in fierce yet elegant strokes as the stripes of the Enigmatic Tiger with botanical wings, a metaphor for our collective evolution while keeping our roots grounded. The near truth of the impossibility of the Mythical Winged Tiger is what made the journey even more precious.

The Design Manifesto

Every project for the studio is like a voyage of design led discovery where all the pieces come together like a movie script. Our core strength lies in our fearless approach, non-linear thinking and embracing the transformative power of ideas. We work relentlessly to ensure that all the elements of the project come together like a celebration of art enhancing people’s lives.

The studio is excited to work on ideas that push the boundaries of conventional thinking, decoding unique briefs that reflect the spirit of its context and surroundings. We unerringly value design evolution through client collaborations and who also share an equal passion for fostering artistic expressions

Our core belief is in three foundational aspects through which our entire thought process is based on, “People, Process & the Art of Story Telling”. Of which, the starting point for us is always people and their connect with the Nature. This interdependence reunites ideas and create a narrative for the future generations.