Ongoing Projects

Core team

In 2011 in Bengaluru, Aditi Pai & Akshay Heranjal with a very modest starting point and a completely new homeground were on an expedition to find a paradigm shift in the way designs were perceived. Along with Nishita Bhatia & Arpita Pai, and a core group of Design Associates, the studio has grown bringing in varied skillsets to the process.

Having a non-linear approach we traversed through to create free-spirited architecture. While exploring art in all its form, the stories and profound lessons it held, served as a medium of reflection and inspiration for us.

We drew power from the child like wonder each one of us held. With our individual traits, we formed an artistic discourse of symphony in our own unique way. We call it the power of the “Pack”. By embracing and recongnising independent thought processes, the studio has turned into a proficient and independent culture of collective artistic achivements. This culture often extends beyond the artistic realms to open into diverse collaborations.