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Architecture | Interior | Landscape


Architecture | Interior | Landscape

About US

Established in 2011 with the philosophies of two individuals, The Purple Ink Studio is a multifaceted architecture design practice based out of Bengaluru. Aditi and Akshay came together from different architectural backgrounds, one being extremely rational, aesthetic yet responsive and the other based on the strong retort to nature. Over years, the studio has grown into a Highly Collaborative Practice, with a horizontal organizational structure led by a core group of Design Associates.

Our Practice passionately believes in a Layered, Contextual Approach, which is Experimental in Nature. With varied building typologies and scales in our platter, we explore alternate solutions in redefining paradigms of architecture and envisaging a change, project-by- project.

Over years, we are consciously engaged in designs that look at Blurring the boundaries between architecture & landscape, often calling it ‘Architecture for Landscape’.

In less than a decade, the studio has gained recognition worldwide by winning numerous National & International Honors. The works of The Purple Ink Studio is also extensively published all over the world both in print & online. The Studio has won 7 International Awards, 16 Indian Awards and 15 Shortlists in the last 9 years since their inception. We won the most coveted ‘Best Practice in India of 2016’ award from TRENDS EXCELLENCE AWARDS, WADE Asia 2017 Young Architect of the Year, PERSPECTIVE 40under40 ASIA in Hongkong - Listed as one of the 40 creative architects in Asia under the age of 40 who will shape the design world in the decades to come and as the Top 50 Next Gen Architects who will shape India, amongst other numerous National & International Honors.


Akshay Heranjal

Co-Founder and Principal Architect

Akshay Heranjal is the Co-Founder and Principal Architect of ‘The Purple Ink Studio’, Bangalore. After having graduated from B.V.B Hubli, he has been privileged to have worked under 3 completely different ‘gurus’, Karan Grover, Sameep Padora and Sanjay Puri, all of whom, who helped him mould into what the studio stands for. Having always believed the need to learn under a master, they would always hold a special place in his architectural journey.

Contact: akshay@thepurpleinkstudio.com

Aditi Pai

Co-Founder and Principal Architect

Aditi Pai Heranjal is the Co-Founder and heads the Landscape + Sustainability division at ‘The Purple Ink Studio’. She has her Bachelor’s degree from Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum and a Master Degree in Landscape Architecture from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. She trained as an intern with Integrated Design (InDe), Bengaluru headed by Landscape architect, Mohan Rao. She later continued working with him as an Associate Architect and worked on various environmental design projects involving landscape design and sustainability.

Contact: aditi@thepurpleinkstudio.com

Nishita Bhatia

Principal Associate

Nishita Bhatia is an Associate architect for ‘The Purple Ink Studio’. She graduated as an architect from B.V.C.O.A , Pune. She later trained with Ar. Vivek Dixit in Pune for Sustainable architecture. Post internship she has worked on rural and redevelopment projects in Madhya Pradesh. She has also worked as an Architect at Sanjay Puri Architects, Mumbai where she had the opportunity to work on several large scale projects.

Contact: nishita@thepurpleinkstudio.com

Sharanya S

Senior Associate

Contact: sharanya@thepurpleinkstudio.com

Arpita Pai

Senior Associate

Contact: arpita@thepurpleinkstudio.com


Project Engineer

Contact: jaikumar@thepurpleinkstudio.com

Kavya Gudihal

Project Architect


Nivya Joseph

Project Architect


Samruddhi Shimpi

Project Architect





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  • 10/2, Ground floor, 13th main, Near Mt. Carmel College, Off Palace road,
  • Vasant Nagar, Bengaluru 560-052
  • Karnataka, India.

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